Sunday, May 7, 2006

A little lackluster if you ask me.  Nothing is resolved, and the “cliffhanger” ending was not a true cliffhanger but simply a copout - a clear copy of last year’s Alias season finale with Syd & Vaughan’s crash, and I’m sure there have been many similar predecessors on other shows as well.  Now, maybe the dad will turn out to be dead fueling the boys’ fury for future episodes, I guess that depends on whether or not Denny gets killed off on the Grey’s Anatomy finale, he’s too good to get dumped off both shows.  But let’s get serious, there’s no way either brother is dead or out of commission, the show works because of them and how they play off each other, not to mention their hotness.  Hopefully in the next season their time will be filled helping out in areas that are now left with no Hunters since most of their friends/helpers were knocked off.