Sunday, May 6, 2012

It was a nice day out so I took the dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood. Our neighbourhood is really quiet and full of dead-end streets, so of course on this lovely day I start thinking - which house is the best house for survival if there was a zombie apocalypse? Which house is the least defendable?

This is a variation of the game I play when I walk out my front door in the morning to head for work - if a zombie apocalypse happened today and all I had was what I wore to work and what's in my purse - how would I fare?
Some mornings I look down at my shoes and am like - well, I'd be fucked. Other days I'm like, yeah, I'd kick ass, but I should have worn a jacket.
Then I start wondering if I should add more apocalypse-appropriate gear to the cornucopia in my purse.
But then I think that sounds a bit crazy and if I had to go through security somewhere I'd get branded as a terrorist.

On today's walk I came to the conclusion that our current abode and location is probably one of the best in the neighbourhood to defend against zombies, but I should probably stock up on some water and extra large nails, just to be safe.