Thursday, February 24, 2011
When I was far younger and cuter...

So, yesterday was my birthday, I am now old (but don't I say that every year?).
I find it (interesting? dismaying? pathetic? sad?) that the majority of the people who "happy birthday-ed" me yesterday are people I never see or speak to except for on Facebook.  I am not a random Facebook-friending whore, so my FB friends are people I like, and care to keep in touch with in some way or another.  But I noticed that the people I see and am face-to-face friends with (rather than just FB friends) missed my birthday for the most part, no emails, no FB messages, no cards, no phone call, and it's just kind of crappy, because FB or no FB, I always try to make sure I email, or send a card or a text or something when it's a special occasion.  The FB posts are nice and all, but life is not a popularity contest, and I'd rather have 2 notes from close friends than 40 FB notes....
Saturday, February 12, 2011
Original sketch from my idea, Keith Durocher, PennyBlack Ink
Foot tattoo, in progress since December, still have a few hours of work to go on it before it's finished.....

Initial 2 hour session

and for this week's dose of irony, I now have a tattoo that says Read or Die, and I was told this week that one of my retinas appears to be detaching. 

Second session, 2.5 hours
So, there's that.