Monday, November 29, 2010
Capes I made for my nephews:

and proof that they work:

Monday, November 22, 2010
I am a detail person, but sometimes I see the minutiae and fail to see the big obvious things.  Case in point: my new mittens.
My current "winter" jacket has 3/4 length sleeves, so I needed some gloves that had long(er) cuffs on them to close the gap.  I saw some Fossil mittens, I coveted them, but since they were not on sale I did not buy them.  But then I did (I had a coupon). 
They are the right length and a non-boring colour.  They have a flip top mitten so your fingers can be free or enclosed in warm cuteness.
They have no thumbs.
I did read the the tag that said something like "open thumbs for texting!", but I really didn't pay attention to what exactly that meant.
I bought them. I took the tags off, and the next morning I put them on and went - huh?
The thumb portion comes up mid-thumb, and then your thumbs are free for texting! But this also means your thumbs are free for frostbite! and free to look stupid!
I'm on the bus, and yes having the thumb free is handy for turning pages on my ebook reader, but otherwise I feel like people are staring at my hands thinking WTF is up with her gloves?

So, now I have some cute mittens that are nice and warm, except I will soon be thumbless unless I put another pair of gloves on underneath.
For $40 you'd think you'd get whole mittens.

The mittens

but mine are in a much cuter Viridis colour, and for that I will suffer: