Monday, August 22, 2011

I cried for a politician today, not something I thought I would ever do.
Jack Layton, the only politician I ever believed in and was proud to support and vote for died today.
With his death I feel the hope draining, the darkness coming forward.
I did not hear of his death until I was out picking up my lunch and I saw it on Facebook - the news caught me off guard, but even more so, my tears.  I am not a crier (I've been known to not even cry when someone I know dies), but the news took me by surprise and took my breath away for a minute.  The news and knowing the impact his death will have on our political spectrum and our country, the current NDP supporters that will drift away when a new party leader emerges - I mean, who would want to follow that act?  Who could fill his shoes and do what he did for so many of us by putting hope and renewed vigour and passion back into our hearts and government?  He put the fight back in so many of us and for that I will never forget him.  Let's hope his supporters honour his memory by giving the new leader a chance and keeping up the good fight.