Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Being as the last few weeks have been stressful and busy, I’ve read a few books, but neglected to update the site.

The Hard Way - Jack Reacher #10, Lee Child (signed UK First Edition Hardcover)
Jack is back and though the books are rather formulaic, the formula allows the reader to feel like they know Jack, and in my case love him.

The Fourth Bear - Nursery Crime #2, Jasper Fforde (signed UK First Edition Hardcover)
This second nursery crime tale is not as good as the first, and lacks the over the top humour of Fforde’s Thursday Next series. 

Rage - Alex Delaware #19??, Jonathan Kellerman
I can go a few years between reading Kellerman’s books, as the main character and his detective friend are clear, familiar characters that are uncomplicated enough, so even if you miss a novel, you won’t be missing much and can be up to speed after a few chapters.  This book (the 19th in the series) is so convoluted and full of “twists” that it all ends up in a predictable knot.