Wednesday, March 7, 2007

When I got to the end of this book, I immediately wanted to start reading #10.  Unfortunately, #10 is only out in hardcover right now (I collect this series in regular old paperback).
Of all the various series I read, Repairman Jack is the most original and least repetitive, with only a few characters (not a whole cast of clowns) that the reader needs to remember and keep track of.
My husband recently started reading again, and when he asked two weeks ago what he should go for, I gave him the first Repairman Jack book, The Tomb.  He is about to start book #3 tomorrow.  ‘nuff said.
Acting good.
Movie long.
Story slow.
If you’ve ever watched any of the myriad A&E shows on the topic of the Zodiac killer, then there are no surprises to be had in this movie. 
And for me, if there are no surprises, there’s no point.

For some of the most moronic photos (stills from the movie), check out the movie’s website.