Monday, May 22, 2006

Spike Lee is certainly not my favourite person on the planet, but he has a tendency to make good movies.  Inside Man is a good movie, but not a great movie.  It lacks some of the grittiness and depth of character that many of Lee’s other movies have.  It seems just a little more Hollywood than most of his other films.   Denzel Washington (a good actor but not a favourite of mine) is forced to wear hideous clothes that I found distracting.  Jodie Foster (who is a favourite of mine, or used to be anyway) tries a little too hard to be a complete and total ball-busting bitch, and while her character was an interesting addition to the formula, Foster doesn’t quite fit the role as it was written.  I am always up for a good heist movie, but unfortunately there aren’t many out there and in the case of this movies, the reason behind the heist (aside from $$ that is) was a bit melodramatic and boring.  This is certainly not a bad movie (i.e.: not The Score), Lee still manages to have a lot of “authentic” New Yorkers spread out amongst the cast, and the stars all give competent performances,  but overall it’s a little lackluster.