Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dear Eddie Vedder,
c/o Pearl Jam Tour

I am just dropping a note to point out that somehow your current Tour has missed scheduling any dates for Vancouver. In fact most Canadian cities have been missed. I assume this must be a temporary oversight by your schedulers. I know you were kind enough to give us our very own Canadian tour last year and I have a lovely red PJ Canada hoodie to prove it. Each time you play Vancouver you let us know that we are one of the best crowds to play for. With the arrival of your new album your Vancouver fans eagerly await your Tour.
Yes, I know a truly dedicated fan would likely stop complaining and just hop on over to one of the Seattle shows. However, due to your President, his politics, his reign of terror on his own people, and snotty American border guards who want to know why you are going away for the weekend without your husband, some of us would really prefer to stay on our side of the border, even if Stephen Harper (pardon me while I gag) is our current PM.

Yours Sincerely,
A dedicated PJ Fan 
(even if I have only seen you in Vancouver)