Tuesday, May 2, 2006
No, it’s not Wolf Creek or Zombie Honeymoon - though I did watch both recently and was sorely disappointed. The scariest most disturbing movie I’ve seen recently is Shopgirl. I read the book when it came out and have to say it’s not memorable by any means - so much so that no recollections of the book were triggered as I watched the movie. The movie is boring and melodramatic and drags on and on. Watching Steve Martin touch and kiss Claire Danes is just plain wrong. He doesn’t look like a creepy pedophile and Claire Danes doesn’t appear to be childlike, but it still seems very very wrong and just plain uncomfortable to watch them have sex. To see Claire Danes laid out flat and naked for Steve Martin’s eyes. This is not a movie that purposely aims to creep you out by some “forbidden love” sort of relationship. It tries to be serious and falls flat because Danes and Martin have no chemistry. In fact, Danes and Jason Schwartzman also have no chemistry in their scenes but at least his character was mildly amusing and interesting. Claire Danes is better watched with Jordan Catalano or Romeo. Save the rental fee and pick something else.