Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, I have a new (another) addiction.
I was already an avid user and fan of Etsy, as I love custom things, odd things, one of a kind things.  I love the idea that I can get something personal as a gift for someone, that is not from a big box store, and that supports artists, crafters, whatever you want to call them.  I think it's awesome that if I want something specific, and it's something that I cannot find in a retail store, or is something I really cannot make on my own, I can go online and source that something and make it a reality.  It's kind of like waving a magic wand.
The magic wand has now become very dangerous.  My cousin is a fashion designer and she Etsy is one of the outlets she uses to sell her clothing.  She came across an Etsy coupon site called Heartsy.me and recently had her store featured there.  Heartsy works with the artists on Etsy and, like Groupon, provides shoppers with a major discount to stores on Etsy.  Shoppers can also vote on Heartsy to say which shops they want to get discounts at.
So far in the past 3 weeks I have gotten:

$16 for $50 Online Store Credit at Love Betsy Rue for Vintage Jewelry
$19 for $50 Online Store Credit at Jewelry Deli
$40 for $100 Online Store Credit at Simone's Rose (my cousin's clothing store)
$19 for $50 Online Store Credit at Circuit Board Jewelry

See how this is now dangerous?  Sure, I've spent $94 dollars for $250 dollars worth of goods, but I also spent $94 dollars that I did not need to spend at all (with the exception of my cousin's store, as I was going to buy some of her stuff regardless).
I have been a very bad girl and for a while I will be avoiding the Heartsy notifications so as to not tempt myself....