Saturday, April 21, 2007
There are people in life who are just naturally lucky, who seem to have horseshoes up their ass.   People who can quit a job on a whim, and the next day they get a better job that pays more.  People who can waltz into a store and pick up a Nintendo Wii.  People who, though they seem to have no actual occupation, seem to be able to travel the world with only a moment’s notice. 
I am not one of those people.  Take this week for example:

1.  I bought these beautiful mugs the other day (because they match my library).  I innocently enough popped one in the microwave for no more than 40 seconds to heat up some milk.  Being that it was less than 40 seconds, I opened up the microwave and grabbed the cup, resulting in burns on my thumb as well as two fingers.   Apparently the mugs were fashioned by Satan.

2.  I got cool new glasses last week cause I seem to be spending more and more hours staring at the computer.  I wore them for a week then popped in to the optometrist’s on my lunch break  to get them tightened up a bit - simple no?
Not for me.  When they heated up the frames the lenses were destroyed, the coatings all cracked.  I had to leave the glasses there so they could get me new lenses.  Keep in mind I am blind as a bat.  Luckily (ha ha) they had some contact lenses close to my prescription, so I could at least find my way back to work.