Saturday, February 10, 2007

So my firm hires a lady to help me out at work.  And while she is to be assisting me, she is more than a decade older than me, which is kinda weird.  So we’re having a conversation yesterday and I find out she has 2 kids in their twenties (she started young) and blah blah blah.  She asks, “So you’re not going to have children of your own?” I say “No, I don’t like them they are sticky and loud” she “And you’re husband feels the same?” Me “Yup, we even had it in our wedding vows - dogs not kids.”  “Well, you still might change your mind, I think you’d be a good mom.”  Apparently she feels all women need to pop a baby out of them at some point.  And why, when I flat out told her that I don’t like children, would she think I would be a good mom?  I would think that most people would agree that if someone knows they don’t like children (because they are sticky and loud, and I hate sticky and loud) that someone should not have children.  People who love children should have them.  People who don’t like them should just babysit once in a while so the others can go out for dinner.
I like my house in order. I don’t like a lot of noise or chaos in my home. I like my stuff in order. I don’t want kids the same way some people say they don’t want a cat or dog. I don’t want the responsibility and I don’t want to give up my financial independence. I don’t want to be a parent the same way I didn’t want to be a doctor – it just didn’t interest me enough.”
If you ignore the “order” part this quote can speak for me as well as its original writer.