Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Copied from new multi-authored site that I am part of (plus, stupid feed for this site seems to not be updating on blogrolls again and I cannot figure out why)

Work.  What would I do without it?
Well, we'd be poor and I'd be very bored, and when I'm bored I spend money - but that wouldn't work because we'd be poor...and the circle of life continues.

I like my job.  I am a different person at work.  I am certain, authoritative, people think I know what I am talking about.  People listen when I speak (and maybe sometimes it's because I'm loud).  I  like knowing what I am talking about, I like that people use me as a resource of information because they trust me to know the answer, or to find the answer if I don't know it.  I like telling people what to do.  I like process and order.  Not that you can tell that from my desk, which is usually an explosion of paper.  My desk is the only think that is like I am when not at work - scattered, messy - ordered only to me as I know what's where and why.  My brain is wired differently than most people, I think differently, I see things from a different perspective, and sometimes that makes me the black sheep or the odd one out (after all, I am an INTJ aka Mastermind), luckily, in my current work, this usually helps me and (I think) mostly my crazy brain goes unnoticed.  Mostly, though I think my outrageous nail polish (really?  who knew nail polish could be considered inappropriate by some?), my odd jewelry choices, tattoos and clothes are noticed more than my craziness.

My work defines me as a person to an extent, but as I've noted before, you can't just put me in a box and call me Project Coordinator or Document Controller, because I won't let you.  These words are too small to actually define me.
Just like Teacher, Banker, Secretary, Manager, Vet, Stay-at-Home-Mom or Housewife (etc, etc.) might be things that you are, things that you do, but they are not you as a whole - you need to remember that - and don't let them put you in a box with a neat little label on it - there is no label that can describe you as a human being, we are novels of words, not post-it notes.

(now I feel I must say "Nobody puts Baby in a corner")