Wednesday, January 12, 2011
I knew not of it until I visited my sis in Seattle a few months ago, she lamented that it wasn't available in Canada, but of course down south it is there for the taking.
I was sad.  Then I Googled it and found a way to get it here (simply block my IP and the blocker assigns a random IP, and for whatever reason the random IP is a US IP).
Now I have it, and it's lovely.  See, I like music, but I'm not an addict.  I don't surf iTunes on a regular basis, in fact I probably add songs to my iPod like once or twice a year, which my husband thinks is insane because it means I am listening to the SAME 800 or so songs ALL YEAR. 
The thing is, I can't be bothered to go wading through all the crappy music out there, it seems like every fresh-faced teenager has a single and really, do I need to hear that?  Somehow, I think lyrically a 14 year old's song will not appeal to me. 
I did have a satellite radio for a while a few years ago and I loved it because I had 2 channels that played my kind of music but added some other stuff in there, and it was in sync with the stuff I love.  However, paying fifteen bucks a month for all eternity to listen to music once or twice a week became a bit ridiculous, so buh-bye satellite radio, hello iPod.  Now, with Pandora, when I am at home and want to listen to some tunes, I can open up my Macbook and say hello to Pandora (and unfortunately I must alos say hello to the odd sudden commercial interruption between songs) and goodbye to my same old 800 songs.