Thursday, October 21, 2010

When does it stop?
It seems ridiculous to me that Air Canada will now have to create a "nut-free" buffer zone around a passenger if they request it. 

I don't even see how this can be enforced, if I paid for a seat and I am unlucky enough to have to sit next to one of these fuckwads who actually had the nerve to pre-warn the airline that they required a buffer zone I'd be pretty annoyed.  What happens if a passenger brings their own food on board (which many do now since it ain't free anymore) and their personal food contains nuts?  Is the stewardess under instruction to rip a peanut butter sandwich away from passengers?

Does anyone wonder why it seems that there has been a ridiculous increase in nut allergies in recent years?  It's practically illegal to let your kid have a peanut butter and jam sandwich at school because it might somehow make its way into the mouth of a kid who is allergic.  When I was a kid we could take whatever food we wanted to school and guess what? No one died, kids weren't keeling over left and right.  It was totally normal to have PB&J in your lunchbox.  We were even allowed to bring juice to school.    

I'm allergic to morons, people who stink and assholes who speak loudly on their cell phones in public places - can I get a buffer zone too?

Post-post - I stumbled upon a school in the US that is nut-free and fish-free, so these kids are just fucked, no PB&J or tuna sandwiches, what has the world come to?


sara said...

I can't wait to send my kids to school with pb & J and then when someone goes crazy I can loose my mind with gluten being within a 10 foot radius. It is completely ridiculous, what ever happened to personal responsibility?

I'm going to break all the rules.