Monday, August 2, 2010
I decided my hobby, for the time being, shall be quilting.  I can do most of it in front of the TV, so I can continue to fuel my addiction whilst doing something rather than not.
In order to ensure that I actually do this and don't just spend countless hours thinking about maybe doing it, I have gone ahead and ordered fabric with the intention of making a quilt for my brother's upcoming baby. 
I have already spent hours picking fabric from Spoonflower and designing something that will look cool but should not be an overextension of my non-abilities.  I'm hoping this works out, as I love fabric and it will give me an excuse to source cool textiles and do some original design work on the quilts themselves.

When the fabric arrives, I will start on my Monster Tree quilt:

Of course, I have to get one of the 3 sewing machines I currently have in my house working first....


sara said...

What does that quilt hater of a brother of mine think of this hobby. Let's quilt him to death this Christmas