Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Okay, he's not a sheriff, he's a US Marshal, but you get my drift.
I just finished watching the Season Finale of Justified.  
Here is a TV show with fantastic dialogue that is not dumbed down.  Here is a hero who is not hard on the eyes, who is not perfect, and who uses actual grown-up words and dialogue.
You gonna bob and weave out of the path of a bullet? Cause that I'd like to see.
Timothy Olyphant (Raylan Givens in the show,  and who for me, was previously pretty much the dude from Scream 2) is made for this role and pulls it off perfectly.  The smart dialogue rolls off his tongue, often while he has a look of amused disbelief on his face. 

The show takes place in Kentucky and the characters ooze with, not southern charm, but with a southern ease and (I don't think it's charming to answer the door with some sort of gun in your hand, and characters on this show seem to make a point of doing so).  Lots of crazy shit happens in season 1, but the pace of the show is a nice southern calmness regardless of what's happening (shoot-outs, kidnapping, explosions, mass murder), and it's refreshing to not have to endure a frenetic MTV sensory overload. 

I am a TV addict and I watch lots of stupid shows purely for entertainment, sometimes due to the charm of an actor (Castle anyone?), but even with some of the good shows I watch, it's rare to get good, believable, intelligent dialogue.  I crave it.  Justified has it.
Now I have to site back and wait for season 2.

Raylan: I can only imagine how hard it has been for you to get where you are in the Marshal service
Rachel: Because I'm black or because I'm a woman?
Raylan: Because you're an idiot. 
Raylan: Why can't you bail him out?
Helen: Those are the first words out of your mouth?
Raylan: I'm sorry, I'll start again. I see you're still smoking
Art Mullen: Just what part of being under investigation confuses you, Raylan?
Raylan: So many things confuse me, Art.
Art Mullen: Do you think we're going to banter here? Cause we're not.
Raylan: I figure everyone is entitled to their hobbies and I'm entitled to think those people are creepy.