Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Because we don’t waste enough time watching TV, we recently signed up at Zip.ca to receive rental DVD’s by mail. Just think: You can have the joy of watching The Facts of Life Seasons One and Two, without the painful stupidity of paying to own it.
For some reason the powers that be have not built any video stores within a convenient distance from my new house, and said powers are also causing Shaw Video On Demand to constantly be unavailable whenever I feel like I might want to watch a movie. As a result, I looked into joining a DVD by mail service and chose Zip.ca. They have over 50,000 titles available and my first 2 DVD’s arrived the day after I signed up. Granted, the first 2 DVD’s available on our list were The Muppet Show Season One and some Dr. Who movie, both choices made by my husband.
Time will tell if the fast service continues, and I am sure that sometimes we’ll be disappointed in which DVD shows up, but for now we have found yet another way to waste time and avoid painting the house.