Thursday, September 14, 2006
The rain has started. The leaves are falling. The countdown is on.
The new Fall Season is about to start - it can rain till the cows come home, it can rain cats and dogs, I’m happy as a clam so long as our cable doesn’t go out.

Early starters, such as Bones, have already got me hooked though I wasn’t a regular viewer last season. Rescue Me rocks. I have given new shows Justice and Vanished a try - the former is okay, if a little overproduced, the latter is dull, and I feel sorry for anyone who invests too much time in it, because I doubt it will be around long enough for viewers to get any resolution/satisfaction to the serial story-line.

Still waiting for:
Grey’s Anatomy - McDreamy or McVet? If Izzie is back (she is) can we also have some flashbacks of Denny (murdering bastard writers)?
Veronica Mars - Veronica is off to college for some more Nancy Drew-like adventures. Please tune in so she is not cancelled. It’s a really good show.
Smallville & Supernatural - Will have competition and force me to make life altering decisions since Grey’s is also on Thursdays this year. Hopefully Space will continue to rebroadcast on Friday nights.